Cowboys Should Think About Options


Dallas should really consider this.  Romo can’t lead and it is painfully obvious that he is not the guy to bring home a Lombard trophy….wait, he’s not even the guy that can take the Boys into postseason.  The front line has proven that they can’t handle the blitz and therefore cannot protect the quarterback.  Dallas has not seen a real running back since the days of Emmitt, and receivers can’t consistently catch simple passes, especially ones that really count.

On the management side, again Dallas should consider this.  Andy Reid is now available and it’s almost certain no matter how the Redskins finish, Kyle Shanahan will me a hot ticket.  Garrett could be temporarily moved over to Offensive Coordinator until a new coach decides what to do with him.

if the Dallas Cowboys are to return to Super Bowl greatness, Jerry Jones is going to have to step aside and let professionals manage the team, and let them make decisions that affect the shape of the their future.  His ego and money need to swallow some humble pie.